A set of recommendations and starting points to efficiently run Superset at scale

When it comes to the Business Intelligence (BI) ecosystem, proprietary tools were the standard for a very long period. Tableau, Power BI, and more recently Looker, were the go-to solutions for enterprise BI use cases. But then, Apache Superset happened.

Frustrated with the multiple inconveniences of relying on a proprietary…

Thanks for sharing this - the architecture is really impressive and it's great to see Livy leveraged in this way!

I experimented with a similar design a couple of years ago but one problem I had with Livy was the fact that it doesn't support concurrent queries within the same session (https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LIVY-544), even when the FAIR scheduler is activated.

Is this something you also modified? Because for interactive use-cases (especially in a notebook-based environment) users might want to run more than one query at a time.

The new version of Cloudera’s CCA-175 certification removes all of the legacy tools and puts the focus entirely on Apache Spark

A few weeks ago, Cloudera re-launched their Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam (CCA 175) with an updated exam environment and a set of key updates to the exam’s contents.

The exam continues to have a hands-on approach with a set of 8 to 12 performance-based tasks that the test-taker needs…

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